Local Marketing in the Digital Age

It’s easy to tell a business that they must get online to attract new customers; who doesn’t know that. But does it work for everybody; every niche and every market? Sure, an online presence is essential for the little things like locations, hours and a basic description of what you do. Restaurants and cafe’s usually have their menu and some photos to get people excited as well. But does a local take-out pizza joint need a full online marketing presence with expensive SEO contracts to make it theses days? No!

The truth is not every market and niche requires a full court press online marketing strategy to succeed. Let’s stick with our example of a local mom-n-pop pizza joint. They serve good pizza, wings, breadsticks and whatnot. They have 4.4 stars on Yelp and 4.5 on Google. They’re location is well placed and centrally located in a good suburban area. Online ads might drum up some new business and an SEO strategy might push them to the first page but time is of the essence. So now what?!

Local marketing through flyer distribution is a solid tactic to grab the attention of the surrounding population. Distributing a menu to local homes, apartments and business is a cost effective method of getting the word out about your local product or service. Many businesses will have an online presence for hours, location and menu but rely on printing and distribution services for the most effective way to drive new business. For example, R&T Services has been the leader in Flyer Distribution Las Vegas for many years now and serve clients all over the Vegas Valley. Check them out here at https://www.rtlv.com and give them a call today at 702-800-2160.

In conclusion, it’s always good to have a website and Google Listing updated with hours, location and services but flyer distribution may just be the ticket to drive new business!