Basics of Flyering

How hard can it be to distribute flyers?


You you wanna drive more business with local marketing? Why not try flyer distribution? It can’t be that hard….right?

Well, it’s not too difficult but there are several things to consider. Let’s explore some of the basics.

First things first, who are you targeting? Now, this might make you say….”duh, I know who I’m targeting” but be careful not generalize to much. Start with the basics like age ranges, economic status, stage of life. Are you targeting college students for an upcoming concert or senior citizens for bingo night?

Don’t make the mistake of saying “everyone” because your message, which we will cover later, will end up being too generic. Even if you are planning a flyer drop to 2000 residential locations, your message just can’t be received the same by everyone. Different groups of people, even living in or passing through the same spot on campus or same housing development, are going to view and understand your message differently.

This is why it’s important to first consider your audience. Make a list of all the things they do, like and love! Try to get inside the mind of your exact target person and begin to think about what will resonate with them which will help you craft your message.

This topic is one that deserves its own blog post so for now I’ll just say this; Don’t assume “everyone” will hear what you have to say even if you deliver it perfectly! Understand who will most likely receive your message and understand what makes them tick!


The next step of course is messaging which goes hand in hand with what I discussed previously.